TC2600 Texture Cure

The RexCon TC2600 Texture Cure offers stability, performance, and maneuverability. This rugged frame has 10 ft. long tracks and is powered by a 80 HP Cummins diesel.

Hydrostatic drive with integral brakes allows ease of loading and working in difficult areas. A walkway traverses the entire width of the machine and is positioned over the cure/spray bar to allow access at any point.

The TC2600 has both longitudinal and transversal tining capabilities.

TC2600 Cure Texture Features:

  • Longitudinal and transversal tining capabilities.
  • Smooth, hydrostatic drive up to 160 fpm in both directions.
  • Power crown adjustment handles off-center crowns. Tining rack is also adjustable for parabolic and circular crowns.
  • Four corner tining rack control for exact depth contact even on grade slopes.
  • Texturing broom spacing can be changed in minutes.
  • User friendly console for quick, easy operation.
  • Excellent operating visibility and accessibility.
  • Fold up ladders at each end of platform. Walkway transverses entire machine (positioned over cure/spray bar).

TC2600 Cure Texture Specifications:

  • 4B3.9 Cummins water-cooled diesel engine developing 80 HP
  • 10 ft. long track system with 12 in. wide grouser pads. Powered by hydrostatic torque hub drive system with integral brakes for ease of loading and working in steep grade situations.
  • Four hydraulically powered grade legs with 24 in. vertical adjustment (machine is capable of curing and tining slabs up to 24 in. depth)
  • Texture rack, adjustable in width from 12 ft. to 26 ft. (includes 10 ft. wide tining broom), with optional extensions to 30 ft.
  • Spray bar system, adjustable to any slab from 12 ft. to 26 ft. (includes no-drip nozzles placed every 12 in., coat thickness determined by machine speed)
  • 300 gallon cure tank
  • 4-corner auto-control system (Saur Sunstrand electric sensors)
  • Forward and reverse auto-steer (separate sensors for each function)
  • Weight – 14,000 lbs. at 26 ft. curing width
  • Burlap bag and Visqueen roller optional. (moved from options)

For more information on the TC2600 texture Cure, contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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