T&C Slipform Paver

The RexCon Town & Country Slip Form Paver has been a proven performed for years. This paver is maneuverable enough for the curves and hills of residential streets, yet big enough for primary highway and airport paving projects.

T&C Slip Form Paver Features:

  • Machine Elevation System – hydraulic grade cylinders support all four corner posts and are controlled by hydraulic sensors.
  • Auto steering is controlled by Sunstrand precise steering sensor.
  • Telescoping Auger Strike-Off Assembly – allows both units to widen simultaneously for rapid width changes. The auger is split down to 12 ft. (3.7m) and each side is individually controlled.
  • Electrically controlled tamper bar. No more cable. The tamper bar has a tucking action which prevents tear and provides more grout for a smooth closed surface.
  • Positive “No-Drift” Crown – A jack screw operates the crown by pressing against the heavy duty arm.
  • Hydraulically operated edge wings quickly and easily adjusted to maintain straight edge.
  • Machine lift cylinders provide self-loading of the main paver unit.

T&C Slip Form Paver Specifications:

  • Caterpillar C9 diesel, water cooled, 325 HP (12 volt 115 amp alternator)
  • Two quick detach track systems 18 ft. 6 in. long, coupled to torque hub drives and two-speed motors
  • 18 vibrators (provided with 24 bank control)
  • Spreader system with 20 in. diameter speed controlled auger
  • Vibration mount bar hydraulically controlled
  • Speed-controlled tamper bar
  • Finish pan system with power crown
  • Two hydraulically controlled over-build edge pans
  • Two containment noses for front of side-forms
  • Two side-forms, hydraulically controlled, for up, down, in and out
  • Four hydraulic grade sensors for four-corner grade control
  • Forward and reverse, auto-steer system
  • Telescopic walkway
  • Power widening screw jack system
  • Four hydraulically controlled load legs with pedestals

T&C Slip Form Paver Options:

  • Additional vibrators / Smart vibrator system
  • Female keyway inserter for punching material
  • Curb molds
  • Center dowel bar inserter (includes timing wheel)
  • Power wash system with 220 gallon reservoir
  • Curb mold per customer
  • Extension kit to 34 ft. (includes 6 vibrators)
  • Weight – approx. 60,000 lbs.

For more information on the Town & Country Slip Form Paver, contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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