Concrete Tilt Mixer

RexCon’s Tilt Mixers are known for speed, reliability and efficiency. With 12 mixing blades and 4 capacity blades, our concrete tilt mixers provide a thorough mix load after load. All tilt mixers are equipped with emergency tilt, auto lube, variable tilt-speed valve, and feature a simple single pivot tilt. These mixer drums are available in 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and “12L” cubic yard capacities.

RexCon’s tilt mixers feature the most efficient mechanical design available in the concrete industry. RexCon tilt mixers require less power and result in higher profitability with every batch without sacrificing mixer efficiency and speed. Best of all, the single pivot tilt design unique to RexCon’s tilt mixers greatly reduce maintenance costs, so your operations staff can focus on making concrete. With thousands of units manufactured and many in operation worldwide, the RexCon tilt mixer is a time-tested and job-site proven concrete mixer which provides generations of reliability in the most demanding environments.

Standard Features:

  • Single pivot tilt, with full 60 degrees tilting
  • Double speed drum return
  • Top mounted NEMA B drive motors direct coupled to gear reducers
  • Removable nose cone with quick-attach clamps for easy servicing
  • Self-aligning tilt pins and cylinder heads
  • Covered drum track and gear ring
  • High pressure (psi) operating system
  • Manual override control

Optional Equipment:

  • Stationary mixing charging chute with replaceable seal
  • Stationary mixing charging assembly for combination wet/dry plants
  • Mixer dump cone for charging truck mixers
  • Telescopic boot, air-operated with 18” vertical travel
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for added power efficiency
  • Drip stop for telescopic boot
  • Steel tilt mixer support stand
  • Drip pan
  • Mixer maintenance platform (includes expanded metal walkway, rails and toeboards)
  • Slump adjust water valve
  • Nose cone shroud with provisions for 16” dust collection ducting
  • Polyurethane liners (available for drum, cone, and blades)
  • “High Performance” option includes two 100 or 125HP reducers and drives, and spiral blades (available on 12 or 12L cubic yard mixer)

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