Horizontal Shrink Mixer

The RexCon Horizontal Shrink Mixer reduces mixing time, and increases plant production to 55 – 60 loads per hour (550 to 600 cubic yards/hour). It features a new gear driven design with face-hardened and machined roller assemblies to extend longevity.

The mixer drum body and drum mixing blades are fabricated with U.S. origin steel and furnished with abrasion-resistant liners for added durability. Double grease fittings on each roller provide easier servicing.

The double drum design unique to the Rex Horizontal Mixer feeding a Tilt Mixer greatly increases throughput and offers logistical simplicity for operators, without the inherent inefficiency of competitors’ dual drum mixer plants. All concrete sees the same mixing action so uniformity is consistent from batch to batch.

The Horizontal Shrink Mixer can be purchased with any new Model S, or bought separately and quickly mounted to any existing Model S in the field.

Horizontal Shrink Mixer Specifications:

  • Capacity: Maximum 12 cu. yards / 9 cu. meters (CPMB rated)
  • Drum: 12.9 RPM welded steel with replaceable poly liner
  • Gear Box: Rexnord Earth planetary reducer 19.05 ratio
  • Motors: Two 100 HP electric motors, 460V / 3 PH / 60 HZ
  • Ring Gear: Forged / machined steel face hardened
  • Main Frame: Structured steel engineered design
  • Roller Tracks: (2) One-Piece forged steel face hardened
  • Rollers: (4) main rollers and (4) edge roller assemblies with tapered roller bearings, face hardened SAE 1045 forging
  • Hydraulic Pump: 7.5 HP / 1800 RPM / 30 gallon capacity
  • Hydraulic Discharge: (1) Cylinder 3-1/2” x 10” stroke shaft mounted to open and close steel liner transfer door.
  • Optional: Automatic oil lubrication system.

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