Mobile 5 Transit Mix Batch Plant

No crane required. Your front end loader lifts up the truck charging end of the Mobile 5 as the folding support legs swing into place. Consistent cement flow is assured by a gravity fed cement surge hopper. The surge hopper holds two batch loads and is continuously supplied by two recirculating screw augers.

The single load Mobile 5 is ideal for portable projects requiring less than 100 cubic yards an hour.

Mobile 5 Features:

  • Low profile three compartment agg bin allows ramping for direct charging from front end loader.
  • Consistent cement flow is assured by gravity fed cement surge hopper.
  • Sure hopper and batcher holds two batch loads of cement.
  • Two recirculating screw augers continuously feed surge hopper.
  • Easy set up and single transport load minimizes mobilization costs.

Mobile 5 Specifications:

  • Aggregate Bins:  16.5 cu. yd., 25T / 12.6 cu. m, 22.7 MT (CPMB), 3 compartment,  in-line or T-style
  • Aggregate Batcher: 5 cu. yd. / 3.8 cu. m (CPMB), with four (4) 5000 lb. / 2,268 kg load cells and isolators
  • Cement Storage: 900 cu. ft., 225 bbl., 42.3T / 25.49 cu. m, 38.5 MT (CPMB). The cement surge hopper holds approx. Two (2) batches of cement, re-supplied by two (2) 6” 15.2 cm dia. screw augers, 7.5 HP each
  • Cement Batcher: 5 cu. yd. / 3.8 cu. m (CPMB) with load cells and isolators
  • Batch Belt: 30” / 76 cm wide belt, 300 FPM, 15 HP drive motor
  • Water: 3” Meter
  • Air: 10 HP two stage air compressor with 120 gal. / 454 L tank

Mobile 5 Options:

  • 5 or 10 HP water pump
  • Compression load cells
  • Silo top and Batcher dust collector
  • RexCon RC3 computer batch controls
  • Central Mix Options: 5 cu. yd. tilt mixer, pan mixer or twin shaft mixer (Consult your RexCon sales staff for additional details)

For more information on the Mobile 5, see Batch Plant Accessories, or contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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