Mobile 12SE Transit Mix Batch Plant

Mobile 12SE is an “on-site” portable batch plant which can be hydraulically erected by one person in 20 minutes, without the need of a costly crane.  Its low profile enables ramping up directly to the material bins with a front end loader, while still providing a 14’ loading height clearance on the discharge end.

No steel pads are required. The Mobile 12SE stout structure runs the entire length of the frame on both sides allowing the Mobile 12SE to be set directly on the ground. Multiple material storage designs and central mix capabilities make the Mobile 12SE the most versatile and portable batch plant on the market.

Mobile 12SE Features:

  • All hydraulic plant erection. Powered by a 13 HP remote cable hydraulic pack. Mobile 12SE can be taken off truck hitch and the silo raised to operation position in 20 minutes.
  • One Piece Modular Low Profile Batch Plant. 12’7” height to top of aggregate section enables direct ramping with a front end loader.
  • No steel pads. Main structure extends entire length of frame on both sides eliminating your need for steel pads or concrete slab in most ground conditions.
  • Loading Height: 14’ clearance (to steel) for loading front and rear discharge trucks.
  • Aggregate section. Flexible design allows for two (2) or optional three (3) materials, with optional overhead storage available.
  • Cement screws. 12” dia. screws with 40 HP drives provides ample cement. Adjustable jam gate assures easy maintenance.
  • Mix designs. Tilt mixer, pan mixer, or twin shaft mixer can be installed depending on your job requirements.
  • Batch belt. High speed 36” wide (std.) and 48” wide (opt.) batch belts maximize your production.

Mobile 12SE Specifications:

  • Aggregate Section: Two (2) CPMB rated decumulative batchers, 11.5 cu. yd. / 8.25 cu. m and 10 cu. yd. / 7.5 cu. m with four (4) each 20,000 lb. compression load cells.
  • Batch Belt Conveyor: 36” wide, 3-ply belt with vulcanized splice and 40 HP drive. Belt operates at 450 FPM.
  • Cement Section: Two (2) each 150 bbl. (28 ton) compartments with 5” fill pipes. Two (2) 12” dia. screw augers powered by 40 HP direct drives. Includes adjustable jam gates for maintenance, and sealed hatch for inspection. High and low bin signals are standard.
  • Cement Batcher: Oversized 12 cu. yd. / 9.2 cu. m (CPMB rated) cement batcher with 10,000 lb. compression load cells. Weighs accumulatively.
  • High Pressure Air System: 20 HP air compressor with 120 gallon tank. All batcher gates are controlled by double solenoids mounted in an enclosed air panel.
  • Low Pressure Air System: 4.6 HP Regenerative type blower with factory installed bin flow pads. Flow pads can be individually adjusted.
  • Water System: 3” meter
  • Transportation Gear: King pin, spring suspension, dual axles, radial tires, brakes and signal lights.
  • Power Panel: NEMA 12 dust tight steel enclosure with single lockable main disconnect switch. Across the line starters are provided for all factory installed motors with adjustable heaters and breakers. All wiring is plug and cord.
  • Controls: Manual RexCon 5000 push button controls for two cements, three aggregates, water preset controlling Badger meter. Stop/start control push buttons are provided for all factory installed motors. Two (2) cement bin high level indicator lights. Plug and cord wiring with 115 volts from control to junction boxes and devices.

Mobile 12SE Options:

  • Three (3) Decumulative Batchers.
  • 12 Yard (CPMB rated) accumulative batcher with 66 Ton, four (4) compartment fold up aggregate bin.
  • 135 Ton, three (3) compartment portable aggregate bin.
  • RexCon RC3 computer batch controls.
  • Individual dust collectors for cement bin and batcher.
  • Central Dust Collector.
  • 20’ Office Control Container.
  • 48” high production batch belt.
  • Central Mix Conversion Package: Includes 500 gallon batched water holding reservoir, 3” Badger temper water meter, and tilt mixer charging chute with AR liners.
  • Pan Mixer, 2 to 5 cu. yd. capacity.
  • Conduit wiring.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Hydraulic Self Erect System: Includes a 13 HP Honda power pack with 80 gallon reservoir, four (4) landing leg cylinders, two (2) main silo cylinders, and two (2) front leg cylinders. The landing legs are controlled by individual manual valves. Silo and leg cylinders are controlled by a pendant control on a 30’ cord.

For more information on the Mobile 12SE, see Batch Plant Accessories, or contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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