Logo 5 Transit Mix Batch Plant

The small batch plant with the big punch. Easy to load and transport, the LoGo 5 fits in tight areas. This plant with its gravity feed silo reduces batch time and delivers cement on demand. Even with a 5 cubic yard batcher, the LoGo 5 can comfortably average 80 to 100 cubic yards per hour.

Logo 5 Features:

  • Gravity feed cement storage and batching. No screw augers mean reduced maintenance with faster, more accurate batching.
  • Single trailer with fifth wheel hitch configuration for easy transport.
  • Self contained, hinged cement section for fast installation. LoGo 5 is pre-wired and pre-plumbed at the factory.
  • Lower profile aggregate bins enables ramping up for material loading, reducing footprint and size of property required.
  • Load cells on all batchers assures precise measurement of materials.
  • 103 ME manual controls with electronic pushbutton switches and digital readouts are included. RexCon RC3 Computer batch controls available.

Logo 5 Specifications:

  • Aggregate Bins: 16.5 cu. yd. / 25 ton (CPMB), 3 compartment, in-line or T-style
  • Aggregate Batcher: 5 cu. yd. / 3.8 cu. m (CPMB), with 40,000 lb. load cells
  • Cement Storage: 1140 cu. ft. / 285 bbl. (CPMB)
  • Cement Batcher: 5 cu. yd. / 3.8 cu. m (CPMB), with 10,000 lb. load cells
  • Batch belt: 30” wide belt, 300 FPM, 15 HP drive motor
  • Water: 3” Meter
  • Air: 10 HP two stage air compressor w/ 80 gal. tank
  • Controls: RexCon 5000 manual controls with electric pushbutton and 460V power panel

Logo 5 Options:

  • Aggregate Bins: Extendable sides to 29.7 cu. yd. / 45 Ton capacity, T-style bin configuration available.
  • Auxiliary Cement Storage: 2200 cu. ft. / 550 bbl., 3000 cu. ft. / 750 bbl., or 4200 cu. ft. / 1050 bbl. Capacity, single or split compartment (available with support structure, maintenance platform and screw conveyor)
  • Ladders / Platforms: Ladder from ground to top of base trailer. Also ladder /cage from top of base trailer to top of silo. Railings and toe boards around top of silo.
  • High and low cement bin signals.
  • Silo top dust collection, cartridge or shaker style with filter sock.
  • RexCon RC3 computer batch controls.
  • Central Mix Option: 5 cu. yd. tilt mixer, pan mixer or twin shaft mixer. (Consult your RexCon sales support staff for additional details.)

For more information on the LoGo 5, download the literature link at the bottom of the page or contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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