Model S Central Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Project after project the RexCon Model S central mix batch plant delivers superior performance.

With a reputation for high production and uncomparable mixing efficiency, RexCon’s Model S is ideal used as a portable batch plant for major highway and airport paving projects. It can also be used as a stationary batch plant for dedicated ready mix operations.

The Model S produces up to 35 loads per hour, and up to 60 loads per hour with the RexCon horizontal shrink mixer.  Portability is maximized with modular designed trailers which are pin connected for fast installation on your jobsite.

Model S Features:

  • Horizontal shrink drum can be easily added to all Model S plants for increased production (to 60 loads/hour)
  • 48” wide, high speed batch belt with deep troughing rollers moves more material faster.
  • Aggregate batcher with adjustable baffles produces uniform blending of aggregates as it loads the batch belt
  • Water holding tank mounted above mixer provides gravity flow of pre-batched water upon demand from batch controls
  • 135 Ton aggregate bin can be mounted in either direction so footprint of Model S and conveyors can adapt to space conditions
  • All sections are pin connected, pre-wired and pre-plumbed for fast installation

Model S Specifications:

  • Tilt Mixer Trailer – RexCon 12 cubic yard tilt mixer with poly lined drum, 30 HP hydraulic pac, emergency mixer tilting, and mixer stand
  • Plant Base Trailer – 12 cubic yard aggregate batcher with 50,000 lb. load cells, 48” wide batch belt (500 FPM), 20 HP air compressor with 120 gallon tank, 3″ water meter system, 5000 gallon water storage tank with air operated, water level controlled auto fill valve, load cell, and a 4.6 HP aeration blower (includes handrails, expanded metal walkway, and access ladder for working are of base trailer).
  • Cement Section Trailer – 2400 cu. ft. / 600 bbl. (CPMB) split compartment silo with double wall, high and low bin signals, mixer charging hood, five 5“ cement fill pipes, batched water holding reservoir, (includes handrails, toeboards, ladder and cage).
  • Aggregate Bin Trailer – 135 Ton reversible bin, with three compartments and three high level bin signals
  • Electrical System – 460 Volt power panel with starters for batch belt, tilt mixing motors.
  • RC3 computerized batch controls

Model S Options:

  • Gravity cement storage: 3000 cu. ft. / 750 bbl. split compartment
  • Auxiliary cement storage: 2200 cu. ft. / 550 bbl., 3000 cu. ft. / 750 bbl., or 4200 cu. ft. / 1050 bbl., single or split compartment
  • Extended length control and power cables
  • Factory installed control and power panel complete with 3” diameter pipe through trailer floor for cable entrance (customer furnished control trailer)
  • Office trailer or container for computer batch controls and power panels (options include air conditioning, electric heat, fluorescent lights, 36” door, windows, parts and additive storage areas)
  • High performance spiral blades increases production volume to 45 loads per hour.
  • Material handling conveyors with hopper, control, starter (in power panel) and wiring
  • AR Steel or polyurethane liners for aggregate bins and batcher

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