Mobile 5 Central Mix Concrete Batch Plant

With production rates up to 130 cubic yards / 100 cubic meters per hour, the Mobile 5 CM is a low-profile, dependable central mix mobile concrete batch plant for remote jobsites and portable applications. With its flexible design options, this highly portable concrete plant can easily be configured to load truck mixers, dump trucks, agitors, and loaders regardless of site elevations.

This mobile concrete batch plant comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed from the factory with an in-truss single compartment cement silo that ships integral to the plant, saving erection time on startup and tear down. During plant erection, your crane or front end loader picks the mixer charging end of the Mobile 5 as the folding support legs swing down and are bolted into place. Using either a small crane to set the mixer or optional self-erect mixer hydraulics, the Mobile 5 Central Mix can mobilize and produce high quality concrete quickly.

Consistent cement flow is assured by a screw-fed, gravity discharge cement surge hopper. This surge hopper holds approximately two batches of cementitious material and is continuously re-supplied by two independently-operating recirculating screw augers, eliminating the wasted cycle time waiting for cement to fill the batcher that is typical in our competitor’s low profile concrete batch plant designs. Cement is batched into the mixer entirely by gravity, increasing speed and eliminating wear and added maintenance found on our competitors live-bottom enclosed screw cement batchers.

For those producers with insufficient production volumes to justify a central mix plant, the Mobile 5 Transit Mix can be easily converted in the future to a Mobile 5 Central Mix plant with the addition of a mixer, temper meter and a simple bolt-on charge chute replacement.

Mobile 5 Features:

  • Low-profile three compartment aggregate bin in either “T-Shaped” or “In-Line” configurations allows for direct charging from a front end loader or faster production rates with the addition of a short radial stacking conveyors.
  • Configurable as a dry-now, wet-later plant for future flexibility and increased production
  • Removable, Telescoping fifth wheel allows for easy transportation and erection
  • Factory Pre-wired and pre-plumbed to save erection time
  • Consistent cement flow via strategically-placed aeration pads throughout the bottom of the cement silo and cement batcher, with an optional regenerative high volume, low pressure aeration blower option for more demanding environmental conditions.
  • The Gravity-Discharge Surge hopper holds the approximate equivalent of two loads of cement, providing simple gravity flow from the surge hopper to the cement weigh batcher
  • Two recirculating screw augers continuously and independently feed a cement surge hopper, offering redundancy in case of a single screw’s failure and increasing production rates.

Mobile 5 CM Specifications:

  • Tilt Mixer: 5 cu yd. / 3.82 cu. m, one (1) 60 HP Motor, Polyurethane Drum Liners, Steel Blades, 12.9 RPM
  • Mixer Hydraulics: 20 H.P. 80 gal. / 302 L oil reservoir, 20 GPM / 76 LPM, 12V Emergency Tilt
  • Aggregate Bins: 16.5 cu. yd., 25T / 12.6 cu. m, 22.7 MT (CPMB), 3 compartment, in-line or T-shaped
  • Aggregate Batcher: 5 cu. yd. / 3.8 cu. m (CPMB), with four (4) 5000 lb. / 2,268 kg load cells and isolators
  • Batch Belt: 30” / 76 cm wide belt, 300 FPM, 15 HP motor
  • Cement Storage: 900 cu. ft., 225 bbl., 42.3T / 25.49 cu. m, 38.5 MT (CPMB). The cement surge hopper holds approx. Two (2) batches of cement, re-supplied by two (2) 6” 15.2 cm dia. screws, 7.5 HP each, independently operated
  • Cement Batcher: 5 cu. yd. / 3.8 cu. m (CPMB), with three (3) load cells and isolators
  • Water: Two (2) 3” Water Meters
  • Air: 10 HP two stage air compressor, 120 gal. / 454 L tank

Mobile 5 Options:

  • Portable, Trailerized Mixer/Stand
  • Aggregate Bin Extensions up to 45 tons for added storage volume
  • 5 or 10 HP Water pump
  • Silo top and Batcher Dust Collector
  • RexCon RC3 computer batch controls
  • Batch Water Holding Reservoir with fast-acting, electrically controlled, air-operated dump valve for higher water delivery rates
  • Auxiliary Silos for up to four additional cementitious materials
  • 4.6 HP Regenerative High Volume, Low Pressure Aeration Blower
  • Up to 5 cubic yard Pan mixer or Twin shaft mixer in place of Tilt Mixer
  • Polyurethane-lined Mixer Dump Cone with Outboard Supports for charging ready mix trucks
  • Radial Stacking Conveyors or Dedicated Material feed Conveyors
  • Portable, Trailerized Steel Risers for elevating the entire plant and mixer
  • Polyurethane or AR Liners on sloping sides of Aggregate Bin and Batcher or on Mixer blades for increased wear resistance

For more information on this mobile concrete batch plant, contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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