LoGo 12 Central Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Equipped with a RexCon 12 cubic yard tilt mixer, the LoGo 12 Central Mix (CM) Batch Plant is designed for 250 to 300 cubic yards an hour. Cement and aggregate storage capacity is adaptable to your requirements. The modular design assures fast installation and easy transport.

Self contained and fully equipped, the LoGo 12 CM batch plant includes everything you need to begin production.

For more information, see Batch Plant Accessories, or contact your RexCon sales support staff.

LoGo 12 CM Features:

  • RexCon 12 cubic yard tilt mixer (with polyurethane liners) provides efficient, thorough mixing every load.
  • Gravity feed cement storage and batching. No screw conveyors mean reduced maintenance with faster, more accurate batching.
  • Modular design with hinged cement batcher section. LoGo 12 is pre-wired and pre-plumbed at the factory.
  • Larger capacity (up to 200 ton), four compartment aggregate bins maintain portability while enabling higher production rates.
  • Load cells on all batchers assure precise measurement of materials.

LoGo 12 CM Specifications:

  • Aggregate bins: 45 cu. yd. / 66 ton(CPMB), 4 compartments (in-line or cross configuration)
  • Aggregate batcher: 12 cu. yd /9 cu. m (CPMB), with 50,000 lb. load cells
  • Gravity cement storage: 2200 cu. ft. /550 bbl. (CPMB), single compartment
  • Cement batcher: 12 cu. yd./ 9 cu. m(CPMB), with 10,000 lb. load cells
  • Batch belt: 36” wide, 500 fpm, with 40 HP drive
  • Tilt mixer: 12 cu. yd. / 9 cu. m tilt mixer, with twin 100 HP electric motors
  • Water: 3” Meter
  • Air: 15 HP, 45 cu. ft./min., two-stage air compressor, with 120 gallon tank
  • Power panel: 460 volt power panel (includes NEMA starters for all Rexcon supplied motors, automatic resets and 110 volt transformer).
  • Includes dump cone with outboard supports, and steel risers to elevate batch plant to 13’6” steel clearance (11’6” rubber clearance under dump cone).

LoGo 12 CM Options:

  • Aggregate bins: 76 cu. yd. /100 ton,115 cu. yd./150 ton, or 153 cu. yd. /200 ton capacity. 6-compartments available.
  • Gravity cement storage: 3000 cu. ft. /750 bbl., or 4200 cu. ft. / 1050 bbl.,single or split compartment (instead of 550 bbl.)
  • Auxiliary cement storage: 550 bbl.,750 bbl., or 1050 bbl., single or split compartment (available with structures, maintenance platform, and screw conveyor)
  • Batch belt: 48” wide (50 HP) with 3” temper meter and 15 HP air compressor.
  • AR steel or polyurethane liners for aggregate bins and batcher.
  • High and low cement signals.
  • Mixer maintenance platform complete with expanded metal walkway, rails and toebaords.
  • Silo top and central dust collection.
  • Tilt mixer nose cone shroud.
  • RexCon RC3 computer batch controls.

For more information on the LoGo 12, see Batch Plant Accessories, or contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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