Cement Silos

RexCon Cement Silos:

The cement silo is a fundamental piece of equipment for any concrete production operation. Auxiliary silos also allows for cement, flyash, or slag to be purchased in bulk and stored in order to keep your operations running and costs at a minimum.

Regardless of size, date, or make, all cement silos eventually require renovation. Whether standard or custom designed, RexCon offers the fabricated components you need to match or add to your existing batch plant.

  • 12’ diameter round silos are available in 550 bbl (103 ton), 750 bbl (140 ton), or 1,050 bbl (197 ton) capacities with either single or dual compartments. Custom silos (size, diameter, and portability) are available upon request.
  • Portable square silos are available in 285 bbl (53 ton) , 600 bbl (112 ton), and 750 bbl (140 ton) capacities with either single or dual compartments. RexCon also offers portable, self-erect silos.
  • If height on your jobsite is an issue, you may want to consider a low-profile silo. Low-profile silos are available in 200 bbl (37 ton) or 300 bbl (56 ton) capacities.
  • Heavy duty, gravity feed rectangular ‘L-bins’ are available from 1400 bbl (263 ton) to 2900 bbl (545 ton) capacities. These bins are typically used to maximize storage within 3-6 compartments.
  • Typical equipment includes: drive through or non-drive through structural stands, maintenance platforms, ladders/cages, fill pipes, screw augers, aeration pads, and silo top dust collectors.

For more information on cement silos, contact your RexCon sales support staff.

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