Lightning Batch Automation Controls

RexCon introduces the new Lightning batching system. This new control builds on the already very successful RexCon Control and Communication Center (RC3). Some of the new features and benefits included in the Lightning system are a new state of the art PLC that utilizes a high speed Ethernet communication port for an extremely fast batching control. The new PLC can be updated with a USB flash drive that can also be used to back up the system.

The PLC CPU, power supply, I/O relays, and associated I/O modules are all mounted on a din rail allowing additional modules to be added at the customer site as well as replaced quickly. Also the parts are available around the world so replacements are readily available quickly.

Lastly with all the enhancements that have been put into the new RexCon Lightning system. The control interface is exactly the same as the RC3 control the users have come to know so No specialized operator training is required to run the system if the operator has used RC3 in the past.

  • Up to 5 scales
  • Up to 20 total bins
  • Up to 20 total bins
  • Up to 20 liquid meters
  • Up to 3 mixers


  • PC Software Operates Under Windows 10™, 7™ and future versions.
  • All Data Files are in Industry Standard Microsoft Access Database Format (*.mdb)
  • RC³ Backup Utility Saves All Data Files onto a USB Flash Drive
  • Real-Time Color Graphics Displays Progress of Each Product as it is Batched
  • Easy to Operate, Quick and Easy to Train Operators to Batch
  • Complete Management and Reporting of the Batching Process
  • On-Hand Inventory of all Products Including Entry and tracking of Received Products
  • U.S. or Metric Units Completely Supported Including Automatic Conversion
  • Display/Print in English, Spanish, or other Available Languages
  • Rexcon Service Techs can remotely login to the RC3 to Provide Updates, Diagnose Issues, and modify Configuration Settings
  • Remote Batching is supported
  • Open Licensing – No software restrictions on the number of PC locations
  • Non-Proprietary Electrical / Hardware Components available worldwide

Batch / Truck Reporting:

  • Any Windows compatible printer can be used including a wireless printer
  • Easy setup of two printers for tickets and/or reports
  • Electronic tickets can be can be saved in a folder and automatically sent as an email
  • Reprint Complete Ticket of any Archived Batch
  • No Limit on Number of Archived Batches
  • No Limit on Number of Products, Formulas, Customers, Drivers, Trucks or Jobs
  • Product, Formula, Customer, Driver, Truck or Job Names up to 20 Alpha-Numeric Characters
  • Tracking/Reporting of Truck Usage
  • Tracking/Reporting of Mixer(s) Usage
  • Tracking/Reporting of Product Usage by Job, Customer, or Mix

Batch Features:

  • Operator-Configurable Water Holdback
  • Easily blend two waters (for example hot & cold water)
  • Full support of manual entry of aggregate moistures when a bin moisture probe is not used
  • Full support of moisture probe Dynamic Moisture Compensation of each batch
  • Moisture Probe in Each Agg Bin is supported
  • Manual Batch Tracking and Ticket Printing
  • Multi-Batch Operation Allows the Operator to Specify a Batch Size Greater than the Size of Scales, Mixer or Truck, RC3 will Batch 2 or 3 loads and Print a Single Ticket
  • Bin Mapping of Aggregate and Cement Bins to their Associated Scales
  • Automatic Scale Discharge Rate Control Including a Configurable Modifier for Each Truck
  • Admixture Percent Modifier that can be changed on the Batch Start Window
  • Up to 3 Admixtures can be added to any Batch on the Batch Start Window
  • (Optional) PC Display of Plant Air Pressure Includes Warning
  • Low Level Product On-hand Inventory Warning
  • Switch Bin on a Product No-Flow during the Batching Process
  • Calculation and Display of the Water/Cement Ratio on the Batch Start Window
  • Batch View Automatically Updates Water/Cement Ratio Display as Temper Water is Added to Mixer
  • Full Support of Ice Additions Manually, Semi-Auto, or Fully Automatic
  • Onscreen Digital Slump that accurately displays and saves mixer slump data

Peripheral / Software Interface:

  • Desktop manual panel and wall-mount panel (contains PLC and plant interface)
  • Includes Central Mix Control – Slump Meter, Mix Timer, and Temper Water Button
  • Cables to connect PC with peripherals and with the manual panel
  • If Desired, Bulk-head connectors on RC3 to interface to the plant control cords
  • Cables to connect the batching computer with the load cell meters
  • (Optional) Support of Dual Displays
  • Supports Multiple Printers over Parallel, USB, Ethernet, or Wireless
  • Interface to Real Time (Optional) Silo Level Hardware with Visual Graphics
  • Interface to Dispatch Software / Accounting with (Optional) “Host Computer Interface” (ULink)
  • Interface to Dispatch Software with (Optional) “Host Computer Interface” (ULink)
  • Interface to FiveCubits via Truck Load Event
  • Interface to (Optional) Truck “Call Board” Display
  • Interface two RC3 controls to share common inventory (e.g. bins, silos, etc.)
  • Remote batching
  • Remote diagnostics and Updates
  • E-mail electronic tickets
  • Multiple moisture probes
  • Multiple language support
  • 1 year “Platinum Plan” support (free phone support & free software updates during RexCon business hours)

Significant features of Rexcon Lightning concrete batching control:

  • PLC & PC software update using a flash drive
  • Uses an off-the-shelf power supply
  • The PLC modules mounted on a standard DIN rail
  • Same “look & feel” as the RC3 so operation is the same
  • The manual panel is very nearly the same as the RC3.
  • In the wall-mount j-box all parts are off-the-shelf
  • The new leading edge PLC CPU module is extremely fast
  • Has an abundance of memory
  • No battery to maintain the program & data in memory

All the features supported by RC3 are also supported by the Lightning control.

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