Conveyor Automation

Conveyor Automation is one of the most important processes required to produce quality concrete. As State DOT’s and customers begin specifying mix designs requiring more aggregates, keeping up with production rates and minimizing handling necessitates increased automation. RexCon has supplied numerous conveyor automation controls to the Ready Mix, Concrete Paving, and Sand & Gravel industries.

Built and supported in-house from our factory in Burlington, WI, RexCon’s conveyor automation controls offer a convenient and reliable way to automate aggregate storage and delivery. Coupled with our legendary customer service, the industrial grade PLC controls ensure years of dependable service.

From Radial Stacker Automation to Touch-Screen Railcar Unloading Systems, RexCon has the expertise to automate your material handling. Certain models have an optional remote transmitter designed to be shock and water resistant. Call RexCon today for more information.

Automation for Concrete and Aggregate Production include:

  • Radial Stacking Conveyors MH-SC Controls: Control consists of panel to be mounted at loading hopper with optional radio remote
  • Portable or Stationary Conveyors MH-TC Controls: Basic Control for single conveyors handling a single material from a single hopper with electric controlled gate. System operates with belt continuously running and fills bin by opening gate on absence of a high signal. Gate closes on high signal.
  • Wet Belts
  • Railcar Unloading Systems
  • Shuttle Conveyors
  • Bunker Stockpiling Systems
  • Ship Loading and Unloading Systems
  • Drive over Hoppers
  • Telestackers
  • Turnheads

Available in three options:

Model MH-VM Visual Manual – Operator observes high signals and manually selects turnhead posiiton and fills bin accordingly.
Model MH-SA Semi-Automatic – Operator observes absence of high signal, selects turnhead position, starts fill cycle which ends on high signal.
Model MH-HS Fully-Automatic – “Hunts & Seeks” absence of high signal and fills compartment until high signal is satisfied.

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