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With more than 130,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space, the new RexCon headquarters demonstrates the company’s commitment to the concrete industry.

Continued growth and an aging facility necessitated the principals of RexCon to establish their new and more efficient location in Burlington, Wisconsin. Situated on 14 acres of the total 30 acre parcel about 40 miles southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the new facility is conveniently located a short distance from both Milwaukee and Chicago airports. Access to two major interstates is within fifteen minutes of the building.


The complete facility is concrete, with more than 50 million lbs. of it used from ceiling to floor, and from the parking lot outside to the polished concrete floor inside. This all-in-one facility will serve as the company’s world headquarters, manufacturing and assembly plant, service center, training facility, and more.

In an effort to support their customer network and local economy, RexCon is proud of the fact one hundred percent of the concrete work was completed by RexCon customers with RexCon batch plants. The general contractor for the concrete was the Zignego Company/Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Both central mixed and ready mixed concrete were used in the construction of the new facility. The office area includes 5 in. of concrete, with 7 in. of concrete in the driveway and parking areas. The factory floor maintains 8 in. of concrete on 18 in. of compacted aggregate.

Sustainable & Energy-efficient

The amount of concrete used in the structure is immense. Each single wall panel weighs 70,000 lbs., stands 50 ft. tall, and measures 1 ft. thick. In the factory, crane hoists are 75 ft. long, each weighing 32,800 lbs. and capable of supporting 80,000 lb. loads. Load-bearing center columns, 14 in all, weigh 42,000 lbs. each.

The building also is designed with sustainability and energy-efficiency in mind. With ample lighting coming from windows throughout the building, plus windows and bi-fold aviation doors in the factory area, there’s ample lighting during daylight hours to require only minimal artificial lighting.

The facility also brings the latest technology to reduce energy, improve air quality, and improve productivity. In the approximately 100,000 sq. ft. factory, 480v and 110v electrical outlets, Ethernet connections for internet access, and air supplies placed at 50 ft. intervals are designed to maximize efficiency and productivity.

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