With the economy and commercial business in western North Dakota booming, Scott Olin GM / Vice-President of Dickinson Ready Mixdecided his company needed to upgrade their current production to maintain satisfactory levels to service the area.

Scott looked to RexCon and bought a LoGo 12 Transit Mix Batch Plant. The LoGo 12 provided two gravity feed cements with a 1050 barrel split silo, or approximately 200 Tons of cementitious  material storage. An auxiliary silo with 550 barrels (approx. 100 Tons) capacity was installed for additional storage or a third product.

With the need for higher production in mind, Scott determined a 150 Ton, four compartment  aggregate storage bin and 12 cubic yardbatcher would handle their needs. Each compartment has two discharge gates which leaves open the possibilities for additional compartments at a later date. Additional ground storage was provided through a multi-hopper material conveying system purchased from locally headquartered Fisher Industries.

The LoGo 12 is operated through RexCon RC3 computer batch controls. The controls were enclosed in a dust proof control room which directly views the truck loading lane. The same RC3 controls and control room are set up to remotely control their old back up plant in the near future.

Ramping the truck lane enables faster loading times for the rear discharge trucks. A drivers side overhead monitor assists drivers with positioning the rear discharge truck underneath the boot.

The entire batch plant was enclosed in precast tilt up concrete panels. Besides new administrative offices and show room, the new facility includes additional truck storage and maintenance area, a truck washdown area, a hot water heat system, and a quality control lab room.

See the November 2011 issue of Concrete Products or call the RexCon sales team for more information.

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